Purchasing an aesthetic device to compliment your services is a vital part of practice growth.  Below are testimonials from unbiased professionals and experts who are using these devices daily in their offices.


My Vivace experience made me a believer that the microneedling technology and specifically formulated skincare products are a safe, effective, affordable treatment to stimulate new collagen growth and reverse the appearance of aging and scarring. I particularly wanted to reduce facial acne scars, and I think The Vivace may be the answer I’ve been looking for. With one treatment I walked out looking noticeably better even without makeup.
Rebecca Shaw, Cosmetic Surgeon’s Wife
Nordlys is one of the best engineered systems on the market. Ellipse Nordlys has further advanced their innovative selective waveband technology and Nd:Yag platform to treat even more conditions effectively, quickly, and efficiently. I’m really impressed with the ergonomics, user interface, clinical intelligence, and speed of the system.
Dr. Ross
The Ellipse Nordlys addresses all of the different concerns that our patients have. Whether it is Rosacea, Acne, Telangiectasia, Pigmented concerns, Hair Reduction or Onychomycosis.
Dr. Taylor
I had ‘The Vivace Experience’ about a month ago and was thrilled! I’ve had other microneedling procedures before, but wasn’t sure what to expect with this device. The clinician asked me to report my pain level 1 and 5. I had difficulty answering because most of the time I wasn’t feeling anything that I would label as “pain”, despite the fact the machine was on its maximum setting. Immediately following the treatment, I went to dinner (without makeup) and friends commented on how great my skin looked. In the weeks since, I’ve noticed positive changes and feel that the benefits of The Vivace seem to be much greater than what I’ve experienced in the past with regular microneedling.
Deborah Faucher, Professional
A combination of laser and their patented Selective Waveband Technology, the system can address what normally I would need 5 systems to treat. The newest platform by Ellipse offers a sizeable upgrade to an already innovative and revolutionary technology.
Dr. Stevens