PiQo4 is where tattoo removal meets science. Studies indicate that nine of the most common tattoo colors are highly absorbed by wavelengths that are found in the PiQo4 laser.


In addition to black and red inks (the most common colors), the PiQo4 laser also is highly absorbed by dark and light greens, royal and light blue, yellow, and pink inks. By contrast, the studies indicate that laser systems with one wavelength (such as 532nm or 755nm) or systems with two wavelengths (such as 1064nm plus 532nm) are highly absorbed by only four of the most common inks.

PiQo4 Cleared Indications:


  • Tattoos (more tattoo colors than any other system, traumatic tattoos, amateur tattoos)
  • Pigmented Lesions Treatments (nevi, lentigines, café-au-lait birthmarks, melasma, and seborrheic keratosis)