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Six Common Reasons That Cause People to Have Their Tattoos Removed

Some 45 million Americans sport at least one tattoo somewhere on their bodies, but not everyone is happy with their decision to add permanent ink to their skin. According to tattoo statistics from this year, around 5 percent of those tattooed people tried to cover up an existing tattoo with another design, and another 11 percent chose to have a medical procedure done to completely remove an existing tattoo. Surveys also show that as many as 17 percent of tattooed people regret having the work done in the first place.

Rethinking Your Tattoos

Many people choose a tattoo design that uniquely signifies an important event in their personal lives, and others choose random drawings that they simply happen to like at that particular moment. Whatever the reason, it’s an unfortunate fact that having a visible tattoo can sometimes interfere with your success and happiness, and these are the main reasons that people choose to have their tattoos removed.

1. Professional and Personal Backlash

We don’t live in a perfect world, and many people take it upon themselves to judge those who have visible tattoos. It can become a problem when it comes time to apply for a job, get into a good school, begin a new relationship or even when attempting to volunteer at your child’s school.

2. Changing Relationships

When you feel like you’ve finally connected with the love of your life, it’s not unusual for each party to have the other person’s name tattooed somewhere on their body. Obviously, these tattoos are removed as soon as possible if the relationship doesn’t work out because nobody wants that kind of reminder of a romance gone sour.

3. Tattoo Regret

If you’re among those who got a tattoo when they turned 18 just because they could or woke up with a tattoo after a night of a little too much to drink, then you might have a great deal of regret about the cartoon character or the strange words or symbols that now appear on your skin. Most people don’t want to be stuck with these types of tattoos for life.

4. Changing Bodies

When you get a tattoo during a time of your life when you’re very thin or overweight or have lots of muscles, that tattoo can change drastically as you grow and change. You could very well end up with a tattoo that is completely unrecognizable due to skin stretching or shrinkage.

5. New Interests

Everyone changes as maturity kicks in, and that can make you regard many things in a different light. The tattoo that glorifies your favorite band, pays homage to the best movie ever or depicts a beloved Disney character may seem childish and unpleasant to you when you’re juggling a marriage, children and a career.

6. Bad Ink

Sometimes, you simply get a tattoo artist that is not up to the task at hand. When you get a bad tattoo, you’ll definitely want to get rid of it and try again with another artist.

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